Natural Remedies To Combat Panic Attacks In  Children

By  Ankur Gajanan Sharma


A panic attack is a sudden intense fear, hesitation, malaise, dread or terror, worry, and numerous other negative signs such as shortness of breath, etc. The physical symptoms that accompany such an attack include, jitters, sweating, insomnia, a cranked up heartbeat, chest pains, nausea, and/ or diarrhea. This happens due to the stimulation of the adrenal hormone by the adrenal glands. This secreted adrenaline gets your body in a pumped up state, which is usually good yet sometimes causes worry. A frequent occurrence of such attacks could get difficult to manage. At a more chronic level and over exposure to these acute panic attacks can lead to anxiety attacks.

Alternate panic attack remedies for children:

Kava: Making use of natural herbs such as Kava works perfectly well as a treatment alternative to those compared to the chemically oriented drugs. Kava is well known for its calming effects and holds truly healing properties. It is recommended to start on the consumption of Kava on catching the first symptom an attack.

Don't Let Panic Attacks Effect Your Life

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8 Essential Herbal Remedies for Effective  Skin Care

By Stephanie Seow


Herbs and other natural supplements have been in use by people all over the world since ancient times. Encompassing kitchen applications, they are widely known for their healing and reparative properties. They are incorporated in many natural supplements, soaps and teas. Because of their potency and safety, it is no wonder that they are also used to develop herbal skin care products that revitalize, moisturize and heal the skin.

Here are some of the most common medicinal herbs for skin application.

  1. Lavender
    Lavender is a natural moisturizer that promotes skin hydration and locks in the skin's natural moisture. It also possesses soothing properties that work against inflammation. Safe for use in dry and sensitive skin, it is a popular ingredient in massage-oils and other aromatherapy products.
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